Choosing The Best Mobile App Explainer Video Company

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Do you have a new mobile app you have created? If so it’s now time to get your app out here and start marketing and branding. The main goal of your newly created app is to get downloads and generate revenue. It is crucial that you can engage customers and explain your app in a short amount of time. What better than a mobile app explainer video to show your customers what your app is, why they need it, and get them to download. Check out one here from

These videos allow you to keep your customers engaged and tell them a story. Studies have shown these explanation videos can be very effective to generate more sales and downloads. If you are looking for a animated video production company here is what you need to know.

You need to find someone that does custom work. You don’t want to use a template. If you don’t have any experience or time created videos then stay away from these do it yourself softwares. It may seem like a good idea but the amount of time it takes to learn new software could take months. It just depends on how much time you have. Not to mention after you feel comfortable using the video software you need to make your video. Often more times than not your going to try yourself and then realize how much skill is really evolved.

After you got the whole do it yourself idea out of the way. It’s time to find the best explainer video company for you. I got a few quotes from a few different companies and found to give me the most bang for my buck. There are many companies out there charging anywhere fromĀ  $2500 upwards to $10,000! I’m not saying these companies over charge or it’s not worth it but for mobile apps videos it seems like around $1k is the sweet spot. If you goal is to have a quality high end looking video used to get your customers attention then this is all you need.

So here is what you need just a rough script and an idea to get started. It’s best before creating your app video promotion to do a little research. You need to find out what problems people or having right now without your app and then how your app can eliminate that problem. This is the most effective way. After that all you need to do is give explain it videos an idea on your story and they will get to work. Creating custom animation, sound effects, music and voice overs. Don’t forget to check out their best explain video here.

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